American Standard Champion 4 2023.214.020 Round Front Combination Two-Piece Toilet Reviews

The American Standard Champion 4 Round Front Combination Two-Piece Toilet is a 2-piece vitreous China toilet, a kind of ceramic molded in high temperature to make a nonporous toilet insulated with a ceramic glaze fused to its body. The product also features Champion 4 flushing technology that has a 4” Accelerator flush valve, a chemical resistant flapper.

The American Standard Champion 4 has the unique feature of EverClean surface that prevents the invasion of mildew, mold, or bacteria that cause odor or stain. It also features tank trim and coupling components. The The American Standard Champion 4 will also allow you to save much water since all it needs is 1.6 gallon per flush. It is good news for every household who strives hard to save on water, giving them the opportunity to save earth, too.

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The American Standard Champion 4 toilet has a sweeping pier and 2 bolt caps. It also has a siphon action toilet bowl. Aside from that, the product also comes with a 2 3/8” trapway that is fully glazed. This American Standard Champion 4 toilet also comes with the latest high speed Connect Tank-and-Bowl coupling technology for faster assembly. The toilet seat is sold separately. The product dimensions are 28 3/8” L x 18 1/4 “W x 31 3/8”H.

The American Standard Champion 4 toilet is made by one of the most trusted brands, American Standard, so everyone can expect maximum performance with the highest quality. The brand is promising with its complete line of faucets and fixtures for toilets and baths. American Standard is trusted for its reliability, style, performance, and ingenious features. This brand works better everyday.


American Standard Champion 4 2023.214.020 Round Front Combination Two-Piece Toilet Features

  • Circular front toilet
  • White, made of vitreous China
  • EverClean surface for prevention of mold, mildew, and bacteria growth
  • Easy to clean surface, anti-microbial glaze
  • Flushing technology performance platform
  • Low water consumption
  • Flapper-free (flush valve)
  • Bowl/tank coupling technology
  • Trip lever: Chrome plated
  • Bowl has sweeping pier
  • 100% factory standard flush
  • Two bolt caps
  • 10-year warranty
  • Comes with bowl and tank


American Standard Champion 4 2023.214.020 Round Front Combination Two-Piece Toilet Reviews

The evolution of the Internet paves the way for shopping convenience. Nowadays people do not go out just to purchase items they need, but they only have to go online and search for products required. Just like this toilet by American Standard from Amazon. After our research online regarding different toilet brands, we come up with this product from American Standard. We are impressed by the positive reception given by buyers about the American Standard Champion 4. Most of them are saying that this product is impressive due to its powerful flushing system that does not require much water. They also note on the swift and quiet flush thinking that the flushing technology is powerful.

Some customers also say that the American Standard Champion 4’s nice beveled seat perfectly fits their rumps while they sit. Most of them are also proud of the product’s extra space on its top that can hold magazines and other stuff. They also like the soft-close seat, preventing slamming action. In addition, customers also profess love for the easy to maintain finish which does not require them to clean it every time. Some customers even note that they purchase the American Standard Champion 4 because of its manufacturer, American Standard, and they have same toilets all over their home.

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We hardly encountered any negative feedback on this product, except for some customers who failed to get an expert installer. Be sure to hire someone who knows on how to install toilets properly.

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