Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for toilets may not be your idea of fun. And you may not even think of it as a complicated endeavor, after all you are merely looking for something to place in your bathroom that will allow unwanted matter to disappear. However, there are some very important aspects of shopping for toilets the shopper must keep in mind. The first thing to consider is that not all toilets are made the same or are equally efficient. Although they serve the same purpose, the way in which the intended goal is to be accomplished may be a tad bit different in that it may affect your pocket book or wallet later.

There are different types of toilets. They are:

The elongated toilet

The pressure assisted toilet

The power assisted toilet

The traditional gravity fed toilet or round bowls (which is the most common type)

The dual flush toilet

Most toilets operate on the gravity flush system as the traditional toilet does. It relies on the pressure of the water in the tank and the weight of the water in the bowl to force liquid and waste in the pipes. These gravity flush toilets are the most common and less expensive. There are also toilets known as the dual flush toilets that will allow you to adjust the water you use for lighter or heavier loads. There is a button to flush solids and there is a button to flush liquids. Thus again, saving you money on your water bill because it takes a lesser amount of water to flush liquids than it does waste.

Also, think about the shape of your toilet when deciding on a purchase. The shape of your toilet does have some significance. Elongated bowls or oval shape bowls provide greater comfort because there is more surface area. Elongated bowls are 2 inches longer than conventional toilets and the cost is just slightly higher than the conventional toilets are. Round bowls are smaller and require less space. You will also need to select a height, standard height toilets are 14 to 15 inches. If there are children in the home, it will probably be more beneficial to purchase a toilet that’s easier for them to reach. If there are elderly people in the home it may be beneficial to purchase a toilet that is higher off the ground where they won’t need to bend down as much.

Pressure assisted toilets are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Pressure assisted toilets use significantly less water than the traditional toilet or the dual flush toilet. Pressure assisted toilets forcefully expel waste with a harsh flow of water created by pressurized air.

Power assisted toilets help to push waste down with even stronger force. This is not the same type of toilet as the pressure assisted toilet. Power assisted toilets actually have a .2 horsepower motor in the tank to force away waste. This type of toilet can save you up to 2,000 gallons of water per year.

Today there is much more to keep in mind when buying a toilet than there were 20 years ago. Today we must consider if we would like to purchase an eco friendly toilet, an energy efficient toilet, or a toilet that would definitely be inclined to lower our sewage bills by saving water. The less water it takes to flush the toilet, the more you will save on your water bill. On average you will probably need a toilet that will flush with 1.5 gallons of water or less, no more than 1.6.

Other considerations are whether you would like to purchase a one piece toilet, a two piece toilet, or close coupled toilet. The close coupled toilets are the most common toilets and also the most inexpensive. They have a separate tank and bowl. One piece toilets are different in that they have a tank built into the back of the bowl. One piece toilets are usually more expensive but easier to clean because there is no space between the bowl and the tank.

Another aspect to consider is the trapway of the toilet. The trapway is where the waste exits the toilet. The larger the trapway the less problems the toilet will have with clogging. When shopping for a toilet, ask your salesperson if the trapway of the toilet is glazed. A glazed trapway allows the waste to exit easier and it is also easier to keep clean.

Like most things, cost will probably play a part in your decision to purchase a toilet. The cost can range from $100.00 to several hundred dollars. Just remember, the choice you make now can save you big dollars later.

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