Caroma Dual Flush Toilet 989646W Caravelle One-Piece Reviews

The Caroma Dual Flush Toilet comes with a dual flush technology that is perfect for home and light commercial use. Since it has a dual flush system, it can save 80% of water typically consumed in an ordinary toilet. Plus this product also prevents any foul odor, thus, also environmental-friendly. The bowl is easy to clean, and the system also fits small bathrooms where space is a major concern.

Once you installed the system in your small toilet, you can have enough room and comfort, allowing you to maximize available room. You can experience the power of this new Caroma Dual Flush Toilet that also allows you to save on water consumption due to the product’s unique technical design. Apart from that it is also easy to setup that can be done by one person with utmost comfort.

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This product also passed the WaterSense standards, proving how water efficient this is. The Caroma Dual Flush Toilet meets strict guidelines provided by US Environmental Protection Agency. This product can provide a cool change in your toilet system, giving high-quality performance while allowing you to save on water.


Caroma Dual Flush Toilet White Features

  • 1.6/.08 G each flush
  • Comes as one-piece, allowing easy cleaning
  • Fully concealed trapway
  • Rough-in: 10-12 inches
  • Made of vitreous China


Caroma Dual Flush Toilet White Reviews

A lot of people are trying to find an excellent toilet for their home so I checked it myself. I have discovered a great brand chosen by many consumers. Most of them are acclaiming this Caroma Dual-Flush Toilet. Users are noting on the perfect dual flush system of it that their old toilets failed to provide them. They are claiming that this Caroma Dual Flush Toilet works well every time they use it and never encountered any problem with it for years. Customers are surprised on the large water area for a low-water system. They are also happy about the bowl that stays superbly clean, giving them utmost convenience without needing to clean their toilets regularly.

Many people are also noting on its perfect height, allowing flexibility and comfort in small spaces. Some customers even installed the product themselves, and they said that they needed not an installer to help them with the task. They say that the Caroma Dual Flush Toilet is very easy to setup, with comprehendible instructions to follow. For users in Australia, they are claiming that it is the sole piece of toilet you will find in most homes. It works greater than any other brands. Most users are satisfied with the Caroma Dual Flush Toilet and they said that they have this kind of toilet system all over their home.

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I found a complaint, however, from a user who said that this toilet produces a bad smell. But not a problem at all for her concern is solved by calling a plumber to re-do the toilet. Usually the smell comes from base’s seal and level installation and not from the toilet itself.

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Dual flush toilet August 19th, 2011 (#)

Nice Blog !! Thanks for sharing with us.

Dual Flush March 21st, 2012 (#)

Yes,Dual Flush Toilets saves water & money both 🙂

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