TOTO Ultramax MS854114SG-01 Elongated One Piece Toilet with SanaGloss, Cotton White Reviews

The revolutionary TOTO Ultramax MS854114SG-01 Elongated One Piece Toilet comes with Sanagloss comes with a streamlined high profile extended and a 12-inch rough. The toilet comes with a chrome plated trip lever, low water consumption of 6 Lpf/1.6 Gpf, fittings, flushing action (siphon jet), tank cover and seat technology SoftClose.

SanaGloss is a patented, extra-smooth glaze that prevents mold, bacteria, and debris from clinging to poriferous, ceramic glazing. It seals off china which comes with ionized blockage that creates an extra smooth surface and repels particles away, preventing them from clinging to ceramic. TOTO’s SanaGloss also allows easy product maintenance. The combo of these features presents a ceramic finish that entirely changes the base of traditional glazing.

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TOTO Ultramax is also created with the G-Max’s super broad 3” valve (flush) and 2 1/8” broad trap way which increases water force into its bowl faster and more forcefully. This system also ensures that what settles must stay down.

The big 3-inch valve of TOTO Ultramax MS854114SG-01 Elongated One Piece Toilet enables a faster, forceful and quieter flush. In addition, it also comes with a super large siphon jet which produces the single-flush system.

This product is made unique with the SoftClose technology, an excellent ergonomic design, high gloss propylene and molded bumpers, resisting cleaning agents and chemicals. The innovative seat offers injury reduction and slam elimination. SoftClose, incorporating TOTO’s high standard, is engineered for customer’s ease.


TOTO Ultramax MS854114SG-01 Elongated One Piece Toilet with SanaGloss, Cotton White Features:

  • SanaGloss Technology provides an extra-smooth surface with ion barrier to ensure toilet remains clean after every flush.
  • G-Max flushing system ensures a commercial grade, powerful and quieter flush.
  • Trapway: 2 1/8 inch, fully glazed
  • Larger water surface
  • Technical Specifications

Length: 28 inches

Bowl Rim Height: 14 5/8 inches

Seat height: 15 inches

Tank Height: 27 ½ inches

Tank Width: 16 ½ inches


TOTO Ultramax MS854114SG-01 Elongated One Piece Toilet with SanaGloss, Cotton White Reviews:

If you carefully search for a new toilet as replacement of your old one, the TOTO Ultramax is the right pick. After we finished browsing the internet for different toilet brands, TOTO captures our attention. When we’ve seen the appreciation of customers about this toilet, we conclude that TOTO Ultramax MS854114SG-01 Elongated One Piece Toilet is the right choice.

Most customers note that they’re impressed, professing love for it, with the TOTO Ultramax. They note on the outstanding SanaGloss feature which works in two ways: prevents bacteria, mold, and mildew from clinging into the toilet; and cleans the toilet at the same time in every flush. Customers also report on the 1-flush system the toilet incorporates, preventing them from wasting water and allowing faster water removal. Many users also say that the toilet provides ease with the SoftClose technology, which prevents “slams”, works perfectly for them. A lot of users are saying that this product is reasonably priced and save them a lot of money. Different customers purchased the TOTO Ultramax because of its brand reputation that one customer even notes that only TOTO toilets are installed in their home.

Purchase the TOTO Ultramax From Amazon

After scouring the web, we rarely found any negation about the TOTO Ultramax Toilet. There are some unhappy customers who note about the installation process; but with an excellent installer, the issue is resolved. Also, some of them report on the defective product they got delivered.

Amazon got the best deal on toilets and every bathroom needs. There are a few negative reports on the installation process but nonetheless, this product is a great value for your money. You will not regret buying the TOTO Ultramax.

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